Has gained since 1992, with an objective to become a global manufacturer and supplier of commercial vehicle spare parts. With more than 20 years of experience, our brand serves the spare parts sector based on the principles of sustainability, quality, reliability, service and innovation.

In order to achieve our goal of becoming a global brand, we are strategically headquartered in Istanbul, a prominent city for Turkey's automotive industry. With our product mix consisting of nearly 5.000 references, primarily made up of air spring systems and including clutches, steering systems and all other product segments of commercial vehicles, as well as our increasing product portfolio, we take pride in offering our products and services in many countries through selected partners and dealers.

Our product range consists primarily of air spring systems and includes clutches, steering systems, axles and transmissions. In its product range, KILINC GLOBAL holds products of Suspension, Engine, Steering, Break and Electric systems, as well as all products related to reparation and maintenance of the most common brands and models of all commercial vehicles.

Not settling for the strong position we hold in the spare parts sector, we are unceasingly striving to further develop our manufacturing practices by capitalizing on our modern technology machines and our years of experience. We identify our two most important assets as our employees and clients around the globe with whom we work based on the principles of mutual trust and customer satisfaction.

We believe that survival and growth in the spare parts sector can only be achieved through quality products, customer service, know-how, speed, timing and future oriented investments. As KILINC GLOBAL management, we have made it our commitment to be a supplier of OE quality products and we shape all our operations in line with this mission.

This goal is the foundation of KILINC GLOBAL's daily practices and its approach to the conduct of business. Customer satisfaction is of great significance to us. By aligning ourselves with client expectations and with a sense of duty to offer price stability, OE quality products, reliable and speedy response and delivery, we preserve and improve our position and esteem in the market.